Value-added service

Concentrate on your core business.
We’ll create the freedom.


The supply chain in industrial companies is complex and very demanding of staff, the warehouse, the technology and the processes. Demands that can quickly be made at the expense of your own core competence. As an industrial service provider, we can take over those working steps outside your core competences. This will relieve you and give you significant competitive advantages.

We’ll help you to focus on your core business.

Assembly centre
Assembly with all the bells and whistles.

We’ll take over the supporting production of individual components for you, as well as the complete assembly of modules.

As a system supplier, we offer you the entire spectrum for the provision of technically demanding products: from purchasing and producing the individual components, through assembly and production, quality inspection and documentation, up to the entire warehouse and transport logistics.

Processing centre
We saw and cut steel and aluminium.

Using steel and aluminium saw machinery, we meet all wishes concerning sawing in our sawing centres. From the smallest cuts up to large profiles, from small to large series. We work in a shift operation with high capacities.

Quality inspections
The result has to be right.

On request, we’ll carry out quality inspections on merchandise and components according to your specifications. The parts come from suppliers to us, we inspect. Only then will we deliver them to your production. So you can be sure that only fault-free merchandise finds its way into your production. This is documented through IT in real time and fully transparently.

Examples of what we can do for you:

  • Inspection as per a catalogue of typical faults, such as shaft inspections, roundness, dimensions; with reworking where necessary
  • Surface inspections, for example, of lacquer, as per a reference sample and delivery specifications
  • Dimension inspections as per technical drawings

Packaging service
We pack everything.

We’ll pack your products so they can be shipped adapted to the transport route. We can do this at our location or on your site. In addition, we’ll take over repacking and co-packing, display set-up and labelling.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? I’ll be pleased to help.

Melissa Latzkow,
Management Value-Added Service

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