Container logistics

Container management from one source.
Cleaning & repair, dispatching & management, hiring & pooling

Container logistics

We can offer you the right logistics solution for using reusable containers in the supply circuit, in the customer circuit and for internal plant use. Small load carriers, large load carriers, blisters, trays and pallets – our concept fits all reusable load carriers. Use our [sprintBOX] container management as a full service or also just individual modules. Whatever’s best for you.

Our [sprintBOX] concept has been tried and tested for years and can be easily integrated in every industrial process. We operate container depots throughout Europe. Our IT creates transparency in movement and stocks, with interfaces to all common ERP, LVS and TMS systems. Which means cost savings for you! Through lower transport costs, less shrinkage, lower capital commitments and lower process costs.

The once and for all, hundred per cent container complete solution.

Dispatching and administration
Your comprehensive care-free container package.

We’ll supply your production with containers after a call-off or automatically, as soon as there is a need. In addition, we’ll make sure the containers don’t get lost, that not too many are in circulation, that they gain speed and get back into circulation again quickly. All that is dispatched, documented and administered centrally by the [sprintBOX] software – and you’ll be informed in a real-time report. In short: we are your full service partner for container management and container logistics.

Cleaning and repairs
Clean, cost-effective and good for the environment.

We use automated conveyor cleaning plants to automatically clean small load carriers and lids, blisters, trays and inlays. Reusable containers are washed and dried in one cleaning process. So we can bring the containers back into circulation immediately.

Workshops for small and large load carriers have also been set up in our depots.

Transport and warehouse management
Collect dirty, return clean. Forming batches of packaging material.

We’ll collect dirty or no longer needed containers directly from you. Then we’ll sort, wash and store the containers in the depot. When containers are called off we’ll bring them from the depot directly back to you or to your supplier. And we’ll organise all this together with carriers and our [sprintBOX] depots.

Of course, we’ll deliver all containers in the right quantity, sequence and composition. Whether crates with sheeting, containers with blisters for small parts or packaging materials batches – with our IT system [sprintBOX]-Navigator we’ll keep an overview of precisely what you and your suppliers need, where, when and how.

Hiring and pooling
Hiring instead of buying.

Our container hire concept reduces capital commitments and creates greater flexibility. [sprintBOX] offers a variety of solutions for this – small load carrier hire, multi-user pooling, large load carrier, pallet and special container hire. Just talk to us. We’ll clarify the details together.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? I’ll be pleased to help.

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Managing Director sprintBOX GmbH

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