The Schäflein Logistics Group

We combine tradition and innovation.
We are logistics.


What began in 1939 with three tractor engines is now a state-of-the-art logistics company with 1.650 employees. Operational logistics specialists, forwarders, engineers, IT experts and managers live and breathe the world of logistics every day. Our interdisciplinary teams of experts continuously improve the supply chains in our customers’ projects. All processes are IT-supported. The network of Schäflein locations now extends across 30 locations in Germany, Austria and Poland.

Eight decades of Schäflein. And we’re still growing.


About us. Schäflein AG.
The Group of Companies covers all sectors of logistics.

Schäflein AG combines the areas of expertise in the Group of Companies, thus offering holistic logistics concepts. The core task of the corporate portfolio as a whole, as well as of every single subsidiary and every investment, is building, developing and managing value in a performance-oriented manner.

All companies have a clear profile of services and are recognised as specialists in the sector and among our customers. The relevant services can also be sensibly combined in practice, resulting in unique logistics solutions. This unique selling proposition underlines our sustainable cost-effectiveness and our growth.

Facts, figures and data
Sustainable and solid, overview of key corporate figures.

  • Year founded: 1939
  • Employees: 1,650
  • Sales: 195 million euros
  • Logistics space: over 330,000 sqm
  • Logistics locations: 30 in Germany, Austria & Poland

What the Board say.

We combine the tradition of an owner-managed company with the innovativeness of a modern logistics service provider. That provides fundamental stability, but also creates unbelievable dynamism. Which is precisely what makes us special. Which is precisely what our customers trust. We are logistics … with heart and mind. This is how we’ve always done things – and we stay true to ourselves.

Achim Schäflein

Head of Marketing and Sales

Logistics – this always means a million detailed questions need one answer. And we give it. Our customers have gratefully relied on this for decades. In doing so we’re prepared to rethink the answers again and again. That’s what’s made us what we are today.

Bernd Schäflein

Board member and Head of Operations

Sustainability is particularly important at Schäflein. This includes stable capital resources and the corporate commitment of the owners just as much as the expertise and motivation of our employees.

Christoph Heller

Board member and Head of
Finance and HR

Environmentally friendly and customer friendly - these belong together for us.

These days, companies are also assessed on how green their environmental balance is. Which is why we invest in environmentally friendly logistics concepts for our customers. This includes transport chains with an optimal CO2 balance. Warehouse locations that deal sparingly with natural resources. Because, for example, they have water treatment plants, generate electricity with solar energy or have been built using energy-saving standards. Our ISO certification 14001 proves we understand the connection between ecology and economy as a continuous improvement process.

One example of this is the reusable system sprintBOX. The innovative management concept for load carriers is based on ecological and economic principles. It shortens routes, save costs – and increases availability nevertheless.

Philosophy & values
Fairness, integrity and openness.

Customer orientation

Employee orientation


Social responsibility

Supplier orientation


Schäflein DNA
What drives us and how we’re made up.






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