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MENSHEN extends its cooperation with Schäflein

Schwerte. Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co KG and Schäflein AG have been working very closely together in the logistics sector since 2011. The partnership was recently extended by several years on the conclusion of a follow-up agreement. In addition to the Schäflein location in Schwerte, MENSHEN also uses the Franconian location of the logistics service provider in Kitzingen. MENSHEN products are stored in Schwerte and Kitzingen on 16,500 sqm in total.

With 45,000 sqm of hall space, the Schwerte warehouse location is the Schäflein flagship. The warehouse started operations in 2008 and is conceived as a multi-user warehouse. A variety of customers are served with individual logistics concepts here. The Kitzingen warehouse location with 12,000 sqm was only recently completed at the turn of the year and is brand new. The spectrum of services also corresponds with the multi-user idea.

Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co KG, with its headquarters in Finnentrop, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of injection-moulded plastic packaging components. Millions of people throughout the world have products from MENSHEN in their hands every day. Whether as the cap on their shower gel, as a coffee capsule in the office or the lid on a tube of toothpaste. While MENSHEN’s core competence is in-house production, they rely on their external partner for logistics. Both companies view the continued cooperation that has been agreed to be the guarantee for future growth and success.

“We have redefined our logistics requirements in the past few years – we’ve even revolutionised many things and have completely reorganised ourselves. Schäflein stood by us during this process as a professional, reliable partner. That helped us to coordinate logistics and production with each other, to gain freedom for our core business and to grow further. For us, the future cooperation also continued to be a WIN-WIN situation,” says Carsten Heider, Director Supply Chain & Plant Manager at MENSHEN, in discussions on the occasion of the contract extension. With Schäflein as key partner MENSHEN has reached the targets of >99.9% quality and 0% inventory discrepancies.

The concept developed together by MENSHEN and Schäflein keeps production and logistics procedures stable every day. Finished products are accepted from the production locations by Schäflein “around the clock” – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and put into storage in the Schwerte logistics warehouse. The IT warehouse system helps ensure the entire all-round provision of the industrial group with all the goods important for production and to make the supply chain quick and secure. Customer orders are picked in the warehouse and sent to customers throughout Europe. More than 500 pallets are handled every day – that means 500 incoming pallets and 500 outgoing pallets. Thus logistics is on the one hand, the backbone of customer provision for MENSHEN, and on the other hand, also the backbone of production disposal.

Schäflein has already successfully implemented the same logistics solutions at other locations in Germany, from which the customer MENSHEN also benefits, of course. Transferring best practice plays the decisive role here. A further milestone in the cooperation with MENSHEN GmbH is container logistics, which involves cleaning and hiring the transport containers used in addition to circulation management.

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